It’s been ages I know and I’m sure someone missed me  ( that’s why you should follow me on instagram @grey_heart0 ). I want to show you a post I did from last year, I am really digging the “Ankara” scarf trend. The Ankara gives a different feel to an outfit. Trust me being black … More AFRICAN WOMAN


Hi everyone! How are you doing I hope the past few months have been well with you. Well the journey with me has been  well and I have been living life  (if you follow me on instagram you’ll see *smiles*) I’ve been away for awhile I know. Today I want to show you all a collection of my small bags, I’ve had them for awhile now, they do not only serve the purpose of containing our little stuffs like lipstick, powder, bubble gum etc, it is also stylish and never out of the trend . Enough of my talk let’s take a look This Burberry purse here is the first designer piece I thrifted. I got it from the market here in Akwa Ibom state. … More MY BAGS: FIRST EDITION


Hello fam! What’s been happening in my absence? I think I’ve gone AWOL for too long and I’m here begging for forgiveness. Well, in my absence, I’ve been doing some projects and also living life and before I forget, happy new month people, just stay happy and do what you love. For the past few … More WEAR IT:STRIPES