okay,(clears throat) good morning stylish people, I hope your weekend is going well .I’m very sorry for going away for too long. it’s not my fault I had so many things to put together. I have not lost my inspiration and love for fashion and style though. A lot has been going on recently, marriages, birthday parties, travelling and God’s blessings.
So on a beautiful Saturday, a sister to my friend got married and as loyal and good friends, we had to attend. The venue was beautiful enough for a newly wedded couple to have their reception. It’s actually not good of me to forget the name of that place I’m sorry
so back to the outfit. I bought this beautiful short ball gown from a friend who sells clothes and this amazing Atmosphere strap heels too. I fell in love with the shoe immediately I saw them, they are my new babies!!.Have you seen my new hair? mhen I’m in love with it. I think I’ll be rocking it often. I  decided not to use so much colour so I used a brown clutch. What do you think about the outfits and hair? let me know in the comment box
PS;I’LL be showing you what I’m falling in love with lately just watch this space and I promise not to go away again.
Much love Nsikak Umoh. 

4 thoughts on “NEUTRAL TONES

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