Good morning stylish people, so this morning I am going to tell you my steps to living a happy life. Since we are all different, we might have different ways to that peaceful and happy life but  I thought I should share on what I call the basic steps to that life. These steps have helped a lot in my day-to-day relation with people and also helped me love myself more so people, I present to you my six basic steps to living a peaceful and happy life (drum roll).

  • LOVE GOD: When you love God and put him first, he will make every impossible situation possible
  • LOVE YOURSELF: Don’t  let people tell you what you look like or detect how you should feel. The  group of friends who make you feel very beautiful today might turn out to tell you how ugly you are and even describe all your flaws. Accept yourself the  way you are, you are God’s creation, the first and last of your kind, a unique creature. Sometimes you don’t need a mirror to tell you how beautiful you are. You are beautiful, perfect in your imperfection. Learn to enjoy your company, travel, sleep well and do new things.
    • KEEP SECRETS: There’s this saying that ”secrecy is holiness’. Back then in high school, my friends saw me as a very discreet person and I  was happy about that. I’m not saying you should not talk about your problems to few trusted persons but most of the people you tell your problems to might have predicted it and they’ll go about saying “I said it !” When you keep secrets, you won’t have to  worry about who heard about your plight and is very happy about it {God forbid!)
    • UNDERSTAND PEOPLE: When you understand people, you will have less problems with them and you will even think less. When I started understanding people, I could go to sleep without thinking about that friend who offended me. Also, learn to apologize when you are wrong it makes things better.
    • SAY YOUR MIND: Learn to say your mind when a friend offends you with that, your mind will be free. Don’t talk about everything you hear, don’t even join in the gossip  because the same person you are discussing with might go behind you and say things you said and did not say be careful
    • LOVE: Love your neighbour as yourself right!, be kind, show some love, help one another and y will realize how stress free life. Okay so that’s my basic steps to living a peaceful and happy life, have a pleasant and stylish morning.
  • much love Nsikak Umoh.


Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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