2015-05-18 23.24.17

Staring at this blank space as I type,I just want everyone who cares to know that a lot has been going on lately.I have walked away from many things,made tough decisions and every other thing.I live my day with the understanding that my happiness is all that matters because most times all I have is myself.All the same,I thank God for his undefiled grace and mercies and to few loyal friends.Don’t force anything in this world,what ever will be will be,don’t force friendship and true love.

So back to the outfit,on Sunday my friends decided that they are not going to allow me stay at home,they insisted that I must follow them to church which I didn’t have any excuse.It was definitely a good time in the presence of God.I learned the power of prayer.


This outfit is a pure definition of perfect.I love monochrome very much.Nice for an unplanned outfit right?





Tell me what you think about the outfit friends.stay blessed,don’t forget to pray.

Much love Nsikak Umoh.


2 thoughts on “MONOCHROME SUNDAY

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