Amazing  stylish people good morning .One of the things I love doing when I am less busy or when I am just inside my dark room in school and I don’t want to go out,I visit PINTEREST.I fell in love with this little space from day one,it’s an amazing place.Pinterest is a place where you can find inspiration and learn new things.I have learned a lot.

So today, I have decided to write about jeans and since we have summer all year round in Nigeria,I love wearing jeans and I also prefer the dry season to the rainy season.I am a student so everything I buy should serve many purposes. IMG_1032-0



Bonus outfit

IMG_1034 Today,I bought a pair of jeans and a jean shirt so you can say it inspired me to write this post.Do you love wearing jeans,summer and everything that comes with it?.Stay blessed friends. Much love Nsikak Umoh.


Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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