Good morning beautiful people.As I type this text,I am wrapped up in my blanket,with my cup of tea.It is rather a cold morning.So today,I have decided that I am going to show my favorite skin care and beauty finds.

At a point in our lives,we have to spend money to get quality things and not go for quantity.I have reached that point in my life.I know life as a student could be “broke” but that should not make you buy something (like facial products) just because it is cheap.Your face and body will always tell the story.Okay before I start,I want you to know that this post is not sponsored,there are the products I use daily.


First is going to be this facial cream.It is called WHITENING ANTI-SPOT CREAM.My friend introduced me to this cream.For someone like me who stays in a region where the sun could fry your skin (joking!) and school stress my face and neck tends to be darker than my body so this cream comes in handy.It brightens up my face and also clears spots.I got it at a price of a thousand naira.


Okay this one is an oldie.This blush has been my best friend from day one.It was a gift from my sister.I am not a makeup freak but each time I apply makeup,I must wear my blush,I love it when my face is a bit colorful. I love this blush because I don’t look like a clown when I wear it.It is called HELLENA ROSE.I don’t know the price but I know it will not be so costly.


Back in my high school days,I fell in love with the black eyeliner.It gives me a bold eye and draws attention to my eyes.This one is called KRON.It does a good job in one touch.I got it at a price of a thousand naira.


Yaaaaay,when I talked about splurge,I was talking about this!.I didn’t know I would end so much to get a “foundation” but it is worth the amount of money I bought it.I arrived at ZARON shop at two lanes in Uyo and the lady there conducted a test on my face and presented my color palette to me.




Am I the only person who realizes how beautiful and smooth this product can make my face be?.My foundation number is MZ25 and my mattifying compact powder number is ZZ30.I got the foundation and powder at the rate of six thousand naira only.A splurge for a beautiful face.

I would love to know your beauty and skin care fav.let me know in the comment box.

much love Nsikak Umoh.


Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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