Good evening to all the stylish people all around the world.School officially resumes with all the stress,scorching sun,boring lectures as well as beautiful faces and cute outfits.As a college girl who doesn’t like school but understands that education is very important (in my father’s voice) I need something to inspire me when going to school becomes boring because I know I have to keep attending classes,reading my books so I can get good grades and what else can inspire a sister? fashion!.

The idea of looking good to school,seeing cute people gets me excited.I love sneakers,I am trying to picture what my days would look like without at least a pair. 

Today, I decided to pull this outfit together for an afternoon class.The sneaker is the base of my outfit(like I picked up the sneaker and then decided on what to wear with it).It is a pair of sneakers,a pair of blue high waist jeans,a lace crop top and a chambray shirt which I purchased recently and my new favorite Victoria Beckham box bag and yass!! that is my outfit!. My colleagues are amazing,A group of people that make me feel good about blogging.

Photo credit:Richard and Chioma.

What is your take on the outfit and how would you style your sneakers? Let me know in the comment box.

Much love Nsikak Umoh.


Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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