Hi everyone! Good morning and how are you doing?.I have  been quite busy and also very lazy.You know that situation where you get to attend events,house parties but did not snap any picture?,that has been happening lately to me.School is stressful,I will start exams on the 17th of next month and I pray to have a beautiful holiday after.Recently,I tend to keep to myself,keep my circle tight because I learned that  if you don’t tell a lot of “friends” about what’s happening with you,your enemy would not know so much about you.I wonder why people take offense when you stop talking and rolling with them,I mean when you decide to keep it on the “hi” level with them.For crying out loud,this is my life I decide who leaves and who stays.Also,I had a studio shoot for a magazine called Adroit.I will show pictures when the time comes and I will talk about the magazine soon.

Anyways,my outfit today has to do with this black hat from my last post and a simple black gown.I have to confess,I am not that type of girl that loves simple outfits I don’t know why but these days,I try to look very simple to school to avoid too much stares from people (I know I should stand out from the rest sha).

Anyone who reads my blog often will definitely think this neon bag is a new one because I use it frequently.My outfit today is based on this amazing little black dress,this dress is everything!.I used this hat because I wanted to jazz up things a little.

(This outfit got my lecturer asking me if today is my birthday,he was like “you don’t dress this way,what’s going on?.”)

Stay blessed,stay happy,stay stylish and above all,have a fruitful week.

Much love, Nsikak Umoh.



Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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