Hi everyone! Good morning how was your night?. I have been thinking of getting my ears and nose pieced for awhile now and I am still looking for the courage to do that. The African society views things differently,you cannot peice,no tattoos and even wearing and anklet will cause people to stare and stare, it is the 21st century anyway and a lot can happen. 

Happiness can mean a lot of things to different people,what makes you happy might not make others happy. To me,happiness is when I sit back with my family and friends and laugh about nothing,when I write a post on my blog and when I sit back and look at when the Lord has brought me from and when I am all dressed up. You see,these things might not make you happy and you do not have to follow the crowd. Stay on your lane,work hard,stay focused, pray and leave the rest to God.

Another sneaker outfit! (drumroll). I promised five “sneaker” outfits and this is the third one. I wore this outfit to during during my exams.   

 My outfit is composed of a black top+jean skirt+a pair of sneakers(remember this sneaker from my first sneaker outfit?)+ a pastel colored bag. I love this skirt a lot. It fits perfectly,which is hard to find.


  Okay I guess two more and we are done. What do you think of this outfiit?. Stay blessed.

Much Love, Nsikak Umoh.



Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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