Hello everyone! how is everybody faring?. The weather  is not smiling at us down here, it rains everyday and that keeps me inside the house sleeping. Yesterday, I had an outfit I would have loved to blog about but we were late for church so my friend offered to take shots of me after service but the rain did not allow that happen.

These days, I have a lot of ”friends” but I don’t get attached to any, I think I want too much in relationships. Talking about relationships, I want that ”you cut her I bleed” kind of thing. I would give all (except my ATM card) to that one girl I would call my best friend but if she cannot do same then we are done!.

I went out with my friends few days back and fun went down. I  am a fun lover and a party lover. We stopped by the bank to withdraw some cash and we snapped. It was a rush kind of thing but I am glad I have something to blog about.


Remember this boots from this post, I can’t stop loving it. When you find something that fits you perfectly and it is this beautiful, you don’t wear every day so you won’t spoil it (lol).


My outfit consist of a white crop top+ a high waist+ a jean jacket +a pair of brown boots.


How is your week going? I pray something good comes your way. Stay blessed.

Much love, Nsikak Umoh.




3 thoughts on “OUTFIT POST : A DAY OUT

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