Good afternoon stylish people. It’s been a long while, I would not say I have been lazy the truth is, I have been in Lagos for awhile now. It is such a busy city and I can not go out (sighs) I do not know why. The few days I went out I could not snap or somebody would end up taking bad shots!.

Today,I want to show you the few things that’s blowing my mind (there is this feeling that I have whenever I see a dope outfit idea or somebody wearing something very cool). I am going to show you random things that inspire me and make my day.

I love this relaxed outfit.

This outfit would work well for a wedding guest or a sexy formal event.

I have a similar crop top


I have craved this outfit for awhile now,I just got this skirt in two different colors (black and pastel pink) but mine does not have that slit and I love it so much!


There is something about this photo that takes me off from anger and anything else,the two girls stayed it!.


A bit of grunge will do right! The white outfit is bomb.

image image

I believe holidays would be fun with this vintage box and I would carry this box bag everywhere!.

Do you have any fashion pieces you are craving you would love to share?. I’ll  return with an outfit post soon so keep it locked down.

Remain stylish and blessed.

Much Love,Nsikak Umoh.


Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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