These days seem so fast and that feeling of fulfillment,of doing what I love and finding myself growing and excelling at it is the greatest joy of all. A very big thank you to everyone that come around here,to all the bloggers who like my post,and others who take their time to comment, I’m grateful.Yesterday, … More BLACK AND WHITE 


I told a friend of mine recently to stop buying clothes and shoes unnecessarily. For every occasion,she needs new clothes. I went through her wardrobe and realized she lacked the basics and she is not good at doing that capsule thing. Owning basics like a T shirt in white and black colors and few other … More THE BEGINNING 


Stylish people how is everything going? It feels like a long while since I did an outfit post.I felt positive about today,I don’t know why. I visited few friends from college and it was truly awesome. They refused to snap me (they play too much),finally Uduak decided to help a sister out. When I picked … More OUTFIT POST: COLORS