I am stuck right here,thinking myself to sleep most nights and sometimes sleeping by 2am. That feeling of not being good enough,of trying so hard and falling back at the same spot,of having so much to do but very little time,staying away from from friends and awkwardly pushing my sisters away just because I think I need to find myself once again.

Lately,I have this alone feeling where I sleep all day,anxiety taking over and waking up angry. People who see me this way think I am missing school (I am not planning to return any time soon). First my brother spoiled my camera so I am left with my IPad camera and the screen of my phone is nothing you want to see ( I have a problem handling phones,it falls from my hand all the time).

Last week Friday, I went out with few friends,had a great time,took blog photos but it’s not clear enough (even with all the editing),this morning I tried to get a flat lay photo for this post but nothing came out perfect (sigh). I’m not going through any heartbreaks but these things that happen between me,the photos and the blog is full of emotions. At this point, I know some people will advice me to take a break but I won’t take a break! If I do that,I will fall sick.

I visited Pinterest today to get inspiration and cheer myself up,I found these amazing quotes. There are days and there are days,days when you will feel super cool about yourself and days when you get to recall all the things you’ve been through.

 I’ll just let go the thoughts,put outfits together,attend events ,smile,have a drink and find that girl once again. I’m up and thankful.

Follow me on Instagram  @ world_ofclothes.Stay blessed,Nsikak Umoh.


Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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