These days seem so fast and that feeling of fulfillment,of doing what I love and finding myself growing and excelling at it is the greatest joy of all. A very big thank you to everyone that come around here,to all the bloggers who like my post,and others who take their time to comment, I’m grateful.Yesterday, I visited my sister who happened to have been in a no picture zone!, luckily for me I found this wall and decided that I must snap.

I had plans of wearing a black hat with this outfit which could not stay on my head so I opted for this brown hat. This little vintage bag was gifted to me by my grandmother( my friends laugh each time they see it).




My outfit is composed of a brown hat + Ralph Lauren polo +a black distressed leggings from this Post+ atmosphere boots and a vintage box bag!.  




(I’m so sorry about the environment.)

What do you think about the outfit?

Stay stylish and blessed 

Much love,Nsikak Umoh.


2 thoughts on “BLACK AND WHITE 

Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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