Hello everyone! Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. So 2015 has been a beautiful year so far,with the ups and down. It has been a blessed year because I started my blog this year after waiting for so long. I want to thank God for the gift of life and the grace to pull through in every situation.

My pastor once said “BE PATIENCE ENOUGH TO CELEBRATE EVERY PROGRESS” those words had “hands” and they touched me real good. I have learned to be patient,to wait on God for every breakthrough, to pray and have faith that we will receive what we ask for if not now,later but surely at the appointed time. I have learned that our creator knows our strength and weakness and yes he will never give us a battle we cannot fight,he will not get us to any stage and abandon us,NEVER!. HIS DELAY IS NEVER A DENIAL.

In 2015, I learned that opportunity only dances with those already on the floor. I cannot begin to tell you about the opportunities that come my way since I started blogging. I learned that to achieve my set goals ,I have to be hard working ( I am a very lazy somebody lol), step out of my comfort zone and get the ball rolling.

I learned to let go my past. Mhen nothing can hunt you more than your past ( the devil is learning!), the past can push you away from the original plan (the creator’s plan). Let it go,understand that everybody has a past. No matter how perfect we look,we all have a chapter we don’t read out loud.

I learned to be bold and say my mind, I know how much I hate displeasing myself to please others, so I say my mind when need be and I stay around people who respect and understand me ( to my “real” friends you guys are so cool). I learned not to force anything or get desperate for no reason.

Okay so finally in 2015, I realized I need a camera badly (so somebody kind should get me one Biko!).

There are definitely things I wished to have accomplished this year but didn’t. Things like starting up a clothing line etc. I have also learned not to cry over spilled milk so I’ll just work hard and pray and get that done come 2016.

So to everyone that reads my blog,the ones who just come around to see what Polycarp is doing (lol), the amazing ones who go through my photos on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter and the ones I inspire with my style thank you! Seriously I can’t wait for 2016. I pray that the good Lord will keep us alive so we can witness new trends and styles,inspiration and everything fashion in Jesus name, Amen!. “2015 IN STYLE ” post coming soon.

Much love, Nsikak Umoh.


Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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