Everything becomes “perfect” when we learn to let go and not force or chase irrelevant things. I love traveling but I suck at packing my stuffs, imagine when you wake up in the morning and feel like putting on a particular top and you realize you left it at home. Some days inspiration come at the eleventh hour and that was my case today, my mind was totally blank yesterday evening and this morning I picked up this skirt first then the top, the sneakers came last.


Photo credit: Edidiong Umoh.

Who else loves the palm trees in the background? Now that’s to show you how beautiful my school is. I love a pop in everything I do, the burgundy colored bag served that purpose. Who else noticed a clearer picture?, well I can’t keep the secret any longer I got a new camera for myself (yaaaaaaaaay!) seriously I carry it as a baby because I definitely can get terribly sick if it spoils (okay I am exaggerating)because I am a broke college kid who wants a clearer picture on her blog!. It is Nikon CoolPix S2900 with 20.1 megapixels and wide 5x zoom.
What do you think about the outfit? Let me know in the comment section friends.

Much Love,Nsikak 



Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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