Good morning people, yesterday a friend dragged me to the University of Uyo library because we had assignments to do (I don’t like libraries and to be sincere I don’t like school either, if you follow me on Facebook you will know this is not new but a sister has no choice *sigh*). We went to the Faculty of Arts resource library which is close to the sculpture studio. Sculpture is a branch of arts that operates in three dimensions. When we left the library, I found a very beautiful environment ( that moment when something is so beautiful that you lack the right words to describe it). I was here when I was much younger and I just can’t explain what I felt then, so a sister now has a camera which she carries everywhere *smiling* and all I did was to snap while my friend was bawling like a child. The amazing lecturer who saw me there gave me the permission to cross the boundary so I could take clearer shots. Now you are seriously wondering what I am talking about right!, take a look.

  (Students and spoiling pictures ehn, he has fishes in his hands. He is a fisherman)

    (She’s beautiful)

    (I just felt pity for this very work, I don’t know why)

  (Heard this one had a condom in his hand and then later the condom and this hand fell off *lol*)

Like I told the lecturer who was asking me questions, art is all about what you feel when you look at it. I told him that art is only for patient people,  (I know that when you have love for something, impatience does not have any space to grow). When I look at these works, I picture patient students who have made mistakes a number of times yet they keep trying till they got to this amazing stage.

I usually don’t touch arts like this because I am afraid they will start moving like the things we watch in foreign movies*lol* please don’t blame me when I give life to it.

Somebody should visit this environment, every art work speaks a language of its own. Do take good care of yourselves people.

Much Love, Nsikak Umoh.



  1. It’s commendable. I love when one treats art as who she is- a gorgeous delectable woman.
    Spell/ Tense Check:
    *(I know that when you have love for something, impatient [impatience] does not have any space to grow)*.

    Keep writing


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