Hello amazing people, this time last year I made my first post on this blog. I actually opened the blog on the 17th of Febuary 2015 and yesterday made it a year older. A lot of things came up yesterday and I decided I was definitely going to write about my journey so far today.

It’s been a beautiful journey so far, I found happiness in little things like watching my statistics grow and posting outfit photos and bawled like a child when I lost potential outfit photos and had fever when I didn’t blog for awhile(addicted). This blog has given me the opportunity to meet people,appreciate myself more and also made me leave my comfort zone. There is this saying that for every dream, there are dream killers and my case was not different. I had friends who told me how nice my clothes and outfits were but said I don’t have what it takes to start a fashion blog, so far so good, I didn’t give up and my baby is one year already.

I am here to thank a whole lot of people, first to my boo “Diamond”  who has believed in this dream from day one. I used his phone for my first  outfit post Here, that one person who will give it all to see me smile, thank you. Then to my sister Blessing for always helping her baby sis out in crazy situations and always giving a shoulder to lean on. To my day one girls in school, Nduke, Edidiong Umoh, Edidiong Joseph, Peace, Uduak then to the amazing guys in my department Abasiketi, Richard, Ocean, Robert, J.B.L,Paul etc thanks so much for not making me feel awkward then I dress up for school and for always offering to help snap. Then to my amazing readers and followers I have to say that you all keep me here, you make me want to write and write and write. Finally to the Almighty God who makes everything possible, thank you for putting these people in my life and always blessing me. All I want today is a shout out friends!.

If you follow me on Facebook (just go and follow now, link is below) you probably know I promised a giveaway to make this birthday and this is it.


⚫️follow me on Instagram  and like my page on Facebook 

⚫️post the picture on your walls and tag me, mention me and tell me why you should own the cloth.

The winner will be announced on Monday. Just give me shout out people it’ll make my day. PS: still on the examination matter.

Much love, Nsikak Umoh.



  1. Am so happy for you baby! Buh all thanks goes to God for: giving you the grace to actualize ur dreams; giving u friends that believes in u despite some shortcomings; n finally for the grace to believe in ur self…… ROCK YOUR WORLD OF FASHION DEAR!!!

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