Hello long time no post, how is everyone doing?. While the sun is “burning” our skins here in the Western part of Africa, I kinda want the rain not only because the heat is too much but because I want to layer things a little outfit wise. I have this thick amazing cardigan my friend “Barrack” gifted me and  I can’t wait to wear it. Back to my outfit, I’ve had this eyelet top for awhile ( I think it should be more than a year old) and I think I wore it once and I can’t wear this to school unless I am wearing a tank top under it so I sent it to the bottom of my box. This outfit is comfy enough not to allow the heat destroy us this season.



I’d wear this eyelet top to the pool or beach with friends but it’s also cool with a bralet or a camisole under it.



My outfit:  pair of glasses ( random shop) + black eyelet top (random shop)+ a pair of blue jeans ( random shop) + my pair of slip-on ( topshop).

I hope your week is going well and I wish that the rest of the days this week be a fruitful one, stay blessed.

Much Love, Nsikak Umoh.


4 thoughts on “OUTFIT POST: EYELET x SLIP-ON

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