Hello fam! What’s been happening in my absence? I think I’ve gone AWOL for too long and I’m here begging for forgiveness. Well, in my absence, I’ve been doing some projects and also living life and before I forget, happy new month people, just stay happy and do what you love.

For the past few weeks, I felt uninspired, and I really did that low key life  thing well I had this outfit idea and wrote it down in my diary,found a location and decided to have a shoot. This buttonless long sleeved shirt is super comfortable. I wore it once to the beach with my bikini and now here it is, it serves a lot of purpose. 


⚫️  Wear it with a maxi gown.

⚫️  Mix and match prints (but you have to be very creative and careful when          doing this).

⚫️  Wear it as a jacket over a denim trouser a white T-shirt and a pair of heels.


MY OUTFIT:striped long sleeved  shirt,light blue sleeveless chiffon top,black leggings, black Clark sommerset cut-out shoe and a big smile.

What other ways would you wear a shirt like this and where would you wear it to? Stay blessed fam and follow me on social media.

Much Love, Nsikak Umoh.


4 thoughts on “WEAR IT:STRIPES

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