*In bed all covered up but too lazy to go get a cup of tea*

In Alicia keys’ voice “it’s been awhile, I’m not who I was before…” Okay fam I’m still that young lady who is obsessed with everything fashion. I missed the blogosphere, my amazing readers/followers. I hope you guys missed me too.

I’ve been busy (not too busy though). I did projects, some failed and some were successful, did my first proper public speaking (mhen that is gist for another day when I will post the outfit photos). I missed the Nigerian Fashion Bloggers yard sale (nfbyardsale) just because I am not in Lagos. Pictures from the event and reading about the event from blogs reminded me of the fact that I am a personal fashion blogger and here I am.

Down to the outfit,yesterday I turned my box in search for a perfect outfit ( I am away from home and that means I am not close to my wardrobe and this in some kind of way makes me feel I can’t find everything I need) but that not getting in my way, I picked up these babies and decided to play with them!. I walked into the studio and told my photographer friend that I need an urgent shoot badly *smiles*. Can we take a moment and appreciate the kimono? Mine apart from being big and thick enough to cover me up when I’m cold, is also a very stylish piece of clothing. It adds an edge to an outfit and also gives a normal boring outfit life. It is one of my wardrobe essentials.





*when he told me he wants a different sweet look*


My outfit: a turtle neck crop top-thrifted, deep blue high waist leggings-random shop, black kimono-random shop, nude swede court shoe-thrifted, marsala colored bag-thrifted (now this one was definitely a steal) and oh my hair is amazing don’t you think?

well, what would you love to see me wear, what have you been up to?, just let me know and don’t fail to follow my me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Have a wonderful day.

Much love,Nsikak Umoh.



  1. nice outfit; I usually have problems with combinations! I think I’ve got a lotta lessons to learn from you. teach me plssss.


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