Hi everyone! I am here looking all sorry because of my inconsistency and hoping you forgive me for going away for so long. I’ve been busy with school and life has been happening. I’m still trying to put my stuffs together and with that I also mean giving more time to my blog ( because she means the world to me). Back to the topic of the day, if you’re a student like me and you have a budget where if you spend your allowance shopping, you’ll end up starving till the next allowance comes in * lol* then you need to read this. Today, I’d be sharing with you the tips that help me in my shopping experience.

⚫ Thrift :thrifting helps you find amazing pieces at a cheaper price. 27ebb875acd625b2750eccd7f79bc189

⚫ quality over quantity : no matter how cheap a piece of cloth is, don’t settle for it if the quality is low. Imagine buying three pairs of denim trouser with low quality and you cannot wear it out when you can buy two pairs with a good quality at the same price. 7291f81b92cd8722a8bde5fbdfec2786splurge : while thrifting is the in thing for the low budget, it is advisable to splurge once in a while. At least your wardrobe deserves a good designer item.


⚫While dressing up, mix the thrifted pieces with the designer piece. You see this is why you need to splurge. This tip will make you look very expensive. IMG_4831

⚫ Make sure your clothes are crisp, clean and neat. Trust me no one will appreciate your designer outfit if you look all dirty and unkempt.


a good fashion sense : have you heard of this saying ” it’s not the clothes, but who’s wearing the clothes”. At least have an idea of mixing and matching clothes, it helps you look put together and stylish. Use Apps like Pinterest and read fashion blogs too *like mine*.


Accessorize : I know I am not a fan of accessories but it gives an edge to your outfit. If you can, splurge.

⚫ put on a smile and be confident in yourself. Now that’s the best accessory.


Now try the tips you have learned today.  Have a nice day.

Much Love, Nsikak Umoh.



Your comment means so much to me and keeps me going,tell me what you think friends!

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